Profile XT Sales

Employee assessments are a critical first step in matching top performers to sales organizations. Profiles International’s Profile XT Sales assessment is used to assist sales leaders in identifying, developing, retaining and leveraging people with an innate talent for selling. The Profile XT Sales provides important information on thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests on current employees or candidates. This employee skills assessment enables sales leaders to accurately predict success in a given sales position, develop strategic succession planning, and implement employment/redeployment programs.

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The traditional practice of hiring salespeople from the available pool of prospects produces a high incidence of employee turnover. The cost of turnover has a direct negative impact on your profit and loss statement. It can be expensive to hire and train people who do not become above-average performers. The cost of turnover can be significantly diminished by using the Profile XT Sales test. The unique job match pattern process separates candidates with real potential from those who will waste your resources.

The Profile XT Sales is a comprehensive employee skills assessment report generated from the Profile XT Assessment. This report is used to help evaluate prospective sales professionals seeking to join your sales force as well as your current employees. This employee skills assessment reveals key strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest that will make placement, coaching and training consistently more effective. The Profile XT Sales report is convenient to use, presented in easy to understand sales language and allows sales leaders as well as organization decision-makers to generate management or placement-focused reports and individual reports, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Profiles International has streamlined the entire process to be intuitive and easy to use for sales leaders, salespeople, and job candidates.

Key Benefits

  • Accurately predict success in a given sales position
  • Develop strategic succession planning
  • Implement employment/redeployment programs
  • Receive important information on thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interest on current employees or candidates