Profiles Skills Test

Profiles International provides a comprehensive list of tests to measure essential knowledge and skills of an employee or a potential employee. This technology uses performance based testing which ensures accurate, reliable measurement of the knowledge of skill and abilities. There are over 1000 skill tests available. An employee skills assessment can be used for.

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  • selecting people with the required skills for the job
  • raising the level of management
  • reducing your employee turnover
  • increasing productivity
  • getting your new employees off to a faster start
  • helping in reduction training cost
  • helping with team skill fit

The skill test is available in 6 different languages and take an average of 35 minutes to complete. They are taken and scored on the internet. The employee skills assessment can evaluate:

  • Industrial skills
  • Food service skills
  • Retail skills
  • IT skills
  • Staffing and HR services skills
  • Essential skills
  • Safety skills
  • Software skills
  • Clerical, office computer literacy skills
  • Productivity solutions skills
  • Call center skills
  • Accounting office skills
  • Accounting and finance skills
  • Legal skills
  • Medical skills
  • Nursing Skills