Profiles WorkForce Compatibility

Profiles WorkForce Compatibility measures the compatibility between a manager (executive, director, supervisor, team leader) and employee. The WorkForce Compatibility Report identifies similarities and differences in seven compatibility characteristics. Those areas are self-assurance, self-reliance, conformity, optimism, decisiveness, objectivity and approach to learning. A thorough report is written for the manager that serves as a guide for exploring the working relationship with the employee. Another report is available for the employee that focuses on the working relationship with their manager from their specific point of view. Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of the employer employee relationship will help both of you appreciate where your perspectives are similar and where they differ! This mutual understanding will result in a more productive and positive working relationship.

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This WorkForce Compatibility Report consists of:

  • Profiles Summary: The summary consists of two unique sets of descriptive statements describing the uniqueness of the manager and then the employee.
  • Characteristic Comparisons: Defines the compatibility characteristics and then compares the manager and employees to each characteristic. The results for the first 6 characteristics fall into 4 general areas when compared with the working population: Low, Mod-Low, Mod-High and High. For the Approach to Learning characteristic, the results are presented as Methodical, Structured, Flexible or Open.
  • Working Together: Presented here are the results for the manager and employee with commentary on their relationship to one another. This information will assist you in understanding the employer employee relationship as well as in taking positive steps to improve it.
  • Next Steps: Identifies specific steps the manager or employee can take to use the results from the WorkForce Compatibility Report to increase managerial and employee productivity.

The Profiles WorkForce Compatibility is easy to use. It can be taken in less than forty-five minutes and produces clear, readable reports that are direct and to the point. Increase managerial effectiveness and employee productivity by providing your managers and employees with the information needed to develop productive working relationships across the organization.