Do you spin your wheels trying to hire that “just right” salesperson? Acquiring the best, brightest and most productive sales team is the single most important step in sustaining a successful business. Many people rely on a series of interviews with their candidates before making that significant decision. stare gry automaty online Yet, still the 80/20 Rule is a problem that many sales managers continue to face. Are you tired of only 20% of your salesforce generating 80% of your sales? Are you afraid that a “bad hire” may affect the livelihood of your organization? According to the US Department of Labor, the price of a “bad hire” is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. For a small company, a five-figure investment in the wrong person can be a threat to the entire business. Keep reading this post to find out simple ways to break the 80/20 cycle, avoid a “bad hire”, and to hire the most elite producers! gry casino automaty online

Take A Closer Look at Your Candidate’s Success
Qualities When Hiring

If you are looking for a way to optimize your salesforce, you must rethink your approach to hiring.  The best method to ensure the 80/20 problem is solved is to select the right people from the start by analyzing the candidate’s success qualities specific to your sales position and your company’s culture.

These success qualities include:

  1. Competitiveness – Are they persuasive, confident, and assertive? Or reserved, non-confrontational and cooperative?
  2. Self-reliance – Are they independent and individualistic? Or do they welcome support and appreciate the need for procedures?
  3. Persistence – Are they persevering, unwavering and emotionally tough? Or flexible, good sensitivity and have limited follow-through? zakłady online bet
  4. Energy – Are they spontaneous, fast paced and have high endurance? Or are they systematic, steady paced and patient
  5. Sales Drive – Are they success oriented, outcome focused and internally driven? Or are they relaxed, unassuming and process focused

After analyzing the success qualities of each candidate, you can further predict critical sales behaviors by applying the following criteria in your hiring process:

  1. Prospecting – Are they able to develop potential clients effectively?
  2. Closing the Sale – Are they persistence, persuasive, and have the energy to see the sale through?
  3. Call Reluctance – Are they confident? Does sales drive play a part?
  4. Self-Starting – Do they have the energy, persistence, self-reliance, and sales drive to motivate themselves?
  5. Working With a Team – Do they cooperate with others, need competition, or have patience?
  6. Building And Maintaining Relationships – Do they cooperate and welcome support from others?
  7. Compensation Preference – How do the success qualities affect their preference for compensation

Selecting the right people from the start will simplify your hiring process, save you lots of time, and save the significant costs associated with a bad hire. In turn, you and your organization will thrive. Now that you know what to look for in hiring RIGHT candidates for your sales team, you’re ready to start shopping for the RIGHT analysis tools.

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