Optimize Your Talent Strategy

We provide customized, web-based assessments that cost effectively solve employee-related challenges for any position, from hourly paid employees to CEOs.

How We Can Help You:

Screening & Selection

  • Better understand the needs of the positions you are trying to fill and learn about the ideal candidate for that role.
  • Provide actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple, understandable format.
  • Provide intuitive, EEOC/ADA compliant behavioral based questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate during the interview process.

Retention & Succession Planning

  • Uncover misaligned priorities between senior executives and front-line managers by bringing to the surface management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, and turnover.
  • Match people with positions in which they’ll perform well and enjoy what they do.
  • Get a clear picture of an employee’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right promotion decision.

Leadership Development

  • Provide insight into your leaders’ thinking style, behavioral traits and interests in relation to a position.
  • Provide insight into their motivations and challenge areas.
  • Provide useful tips to aid in your leader’s training and development needs.

Team Building

  • See how a potential candidate fits an existing team.
  • Increase your understanding of how you and your teammates differ in behavioral tendencies has the potential to help you in daily interactions and conflict resolution.
  • Utilize data to measure critical aspects of compatibility between managers and their employees.

Customer Service Performance

  • Identify the competencies and behavioral traits that foster great customer service specific to your culture.
  • Identify candidates and employees with superior customer service skills as well as train and coach existing employees to greater success.
  • Select, coach and train your people to increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, build customer loyalty, increase sales and make significant gains in profitability.

Sales Performance

  • Provides information that can be
    helpful in managing, motivating, and coaching for increased sales productivity.
  • Accurately predict a candidate or employees’ success in a given sales position.
  • Assist sales leaders in identifying, developing, retaining and leveraging people with an innate talent for selling.

Additional Solutions:

Human Resources Support Services

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Employee Handbooks and Policy Development
  • HR Systems Technology Research & Implementation
  • Interim HR Management
Optimize Your Talent Strategy

Corporate Retreats & Rewards

  • Reward your top performers to a beautiful timeless location in Blowing Rock, NC, the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Team building and corporate retreats are a great way to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training and facilitate better communication between employees.

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