Have you ever given an employee bad news and wished you could do more to ease the transition from “gainfully employed” to becoming a “layoff statistic”?  Even the best leaders make this tough decision. Read on to see how outplacement services are a great way to establish good will and provide guidance on future decisions for displaced employees.

Twenty million. That staggering figure is the number of jobs lost in April alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Economists are calling it the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression. Outplacement services are more important than ever with the uncertain, ever changing social, emotional, health, and economic circumstances of 2020.

What are outplacement services? Outplacement services are intended to assist employees in making good decisions regarding work following a layoff or job loss.  Outplacement normally consists of individual or group career counseling and advising.

Why is providing outplacement services a strategic decision for your organization?   It is simply the right thing to do.  It also suggests a supportive culture even in hard times. Since the world is watching, how you support your employees in this stressful time could impact the morale of your existing employees.

What is the best way to provide outplacement services?  When it comes to outplacement services, it’s wise to be proactive in finding specific, detailed, and individualized support.  If the true goal of an outplacement service is to assist with future job opportunities, a great way to provide this support is by encouraging reflection of the thinking style, personality traits, and interests of the laid-off employee. This can be established through an individualized planner.

How is the reflection of thinking style, personality traits, and personal interests assessed?  There are online tools available that are tailored to assist the employee in making informed decisions about career pathways.

Without the right tools, this process can be time consuming and stressful for you and the employee. gaminator free coins Luckily, there are online tools available that provide personalized reporting that simplifies this process and will save you and your organization time and money.  Now that you know what you need to promote outplacement services, you can start shopping for the right tools. tippmix asztali verzió

Sample Pathway Planner Results Report

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