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Our Solutions

Screening & Selection

  • Better understand the needs of the positions you are trying to fill and learn about the ideal candidate for that role.
  • Provide actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple, understandable format.
  • Provide intuitive, EEOC/ADA compliant behavioral based questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate during the interview process.

Retention & Succession Planning

  • Uncover misaligned priorities between senior executives and front-line managers by bringing to the surface management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, and turnover.
  • Match people with positions in which they’ll perform well and enjoy what they do.
  • Get a clear picture of an employee’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right promotion decision.

Leadership Development

  • Provide insight into your leaders’ thinking style, behavioral traits and interests in relation to a position.
  • Provide insight into their motivations and challenge areas.
  • Provide useful tips to aid in your leader’s training and development needs.

Team Building

  • See how a potential candidate fits an existing team.
  • Increase your understanding of how you and your teammates differ in behavioral tendencies has the potential to help you in daily interactions and conflict resolution.
  • Utilize data to measure critical aspects of compatibility between managers and their employees.

Customer Service Performance

  • Identify the competencies and behavioral traits that foster great customer service specific to your culture.
  • Identify candidates and employees with superior customer service skills as well as train and coach existing employees to greater success.
  • Select, coach and train your people to increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, build customer loyalty, increase sales and make significant gains in profitability.

Sales Performance

  • Provides information that can be
    helpful in managing, motivating, and coaching for increased sales productivity.
  • Accurately predict a candidate or employees’ success in a given sales position.
  • Assist sales leaders in identifying, developing, retaining and leveraging people with an innate talent for selling.

Human Resources Support Services

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Employee Handbooks and Policy Development
  • HR Systems Technology Research & Implementation
  • Interim HR Management

Corporate Retreats & Rewards

  • Reward your top performers to a beautiful timeless location in Blowing Rock, NC, the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Team building and corporate retreats are a great way to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training and facilitate better communication between employees.

Screening & Selection

Every company is unique! Carolina Profiles can customize selection assessments based on a company’s specific needs. We can tailor fit our tools to meet the needs of your organization and goals.

Given the opportunity to land a new job, a candidate will tell you anything you want to hear, true or not. Additionally, much of their success depends on their specific job match, along with their match inside of the company in which they would work. Success seldom transfers automatically. The cost of a bad hire is very high, considering all the costs of hiring, low productivity, and disruption to customers and co-workers.

So what if there was a tool to fill the gap between a resume and an interview? What if there was a tool that could help you understand how an individual works, how they think?

Recommended Tools for Screening & Selection:

Reducing Turnover

Effective job match can be a key to employee retention. If an employee matches well with their job, they are less likely to turnover. Turnover can cost a company upwards of 3 months of that employee’s salary. Our experts can help you develop peak performance models for different positions by providing multiple questions against which potential candidates are measured. Once these performance models are established, Carolina Profiles can help by further aiding with benchmarking and guidelines designed for retention and succession planning. All of these effective tools escalate your business into the future.

Recommended Tools for Reducing Turnover:

Succession Planning

Succession Planning can be a challenge for many companies. We can turn this challenging time into an opportunity to cultivate a strategy with our comprehensive tools. Utilizing our succession planning tools in your business can aid in avoiding confusion and anxiety that can occur if and when changes in management occurs.

Succession Planning is an important part of your company’s strategy, as you think about the future paths of your employees and insuring that each employee will fit the duties and responsibilities that help maximize their performance, employee morals, and success within your organization.

Recommended Tools for Succession Planning:

Leadership Development

Managers are a critical part in any company. From supervising staff, reporting to senior leaders, and managing their own projects, your managers are the blood of your company. Given all of their competing demands, they often feel pulled in different directions. Couple that with the challenges resulting from rapid company expansion and you have the potential for a perfect storm.

To insure company resources are being used correctly in training. The selection of the best employees to be your most productive managers all the while determining the appropriate training path can be difficult. Let Carolina Profiles help you with this process.

We can review and create benchmarks to compare your management training and selection to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. Using these benchmarks you can provide more targeted development where it is needed and can be most effective. This will further increase productivity, success of your managers, retention, and employee happiness.

Recommended Tools for Leadership Development:

Team Building

Having an effective team within an organization is invaluable to ensure success. Team building is vital if you wish to extract the best performance from your workforce. Employees are urged to work smarter and not just harder, in an effort to deliver the desired results. Though it definitely contributes in its own way, individual brilliance does not single-handedly decide the fate of an entire project. Successful team building is based on the characteristics of every team member, their weakness, strengths, how they fit within the team along with how to extract and nurture the best from them. A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

Team building is not only with how the team works together, but also how engaged the team members are to their tasks. Companies with this knowledge have higher retention rates, superior customer service, and are rewarded with increased profitability and productivity. Leadership at all levels should strive to create a work environment that results in highly engaged employees. The PXT Team Analysis aids leaders build on team strengths to obtain objectives through-out the team. The data obtained by this tool is valuable to a team leader, providing better understanding of how each member fits within the team like, puzzle pieces creating a large image. Understanding how each team member fills within that team can aid in training, prevent conflicts and encourage a successful team.

Recommended Tools for Team Building:

Sales Performance

Employee assessments are a critical first step in matching top performers to sales organizations. Carolina Profiles’ PXT Select: Sales Comprehensive Report  is a great tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople. It measures five key qualities of successful salespeople: Competitiveness, Self-reliance, Persistence, Energy, and Sales Drive. It also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors: Prospecting, Closing Sales, Call Reluctance, Self-starting, Teamwork, Building and Maintaining Relationships, and Compensation Preference. Using the report to build and develop a sales organization can result in record-breaking productivity, retention of top performers, and exceptional profitability.

Recommended Tools to Increase Sales Performance:

Customer Service Performance

The Customer Service Profile (with Company Perspective) is an effective job match tool for your non-degreed professional positions. It provides information about applicant’s basic math and verbal skills, reports job match to a position and company culture, and gives you a chance to look at the differences (if any exist) between your company’s perspective on customer service and your applicant’s. These three important pieces of information help you select and orient new employees, coach and train your people to increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, build customer loyalty, increase sales and make significant gains in profitability. 

The CSP generates three reports. The reports include a Placement Report, Individual Report, Coaching Report, and the Company Perspective Comparison Report which compares your company’s perspective on providing customer service with the perspective typically found for those in your industry. The Placement Report also includes the Overall Job Match Percent for each applicant when they are matched with the Customer Service Job Match Pattern (or benchmark) for your company.

Recognizing that distinct industries have specific customer service values, the Customer Service Profile is also available as a custom product for healthcare, hospitality, financial and retail industries.

Human Resources Support Packages

Our HR Packages are designed to combine some of our most requested services and provide optional long term support for a wide range of human resources related services for small and midsize businesses.  Custom HR Packages and project-based consulting services are available upon request. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we’ll help you find a solution that fits your business.

Corporate Retreats & Rewards

Reward your top performers to a beautiful, timeless location in Blowing Rock, NC, the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Positive experiences will help an employee’s relationship with their company. They will work harder to ensure its success.

Team building and corporate retreats are a great way to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training and facilitate better communication between employees.

Great Ideas for ADVENTURE and RELAXATION for Your Team!

  • Zip-line – Soar through the air on multiple  zip-lines 300ft up. Have you ever wanted to watch your co-workers jump off a cliff? Now’s your chance!
  • Day Spa – Spend some time at one of the top rated spas in the country. Relax, strategize and be prepared to go back to making your company great!
  • Trap/Skeet – Outings to build team spirit and cohesiveness. The team will be amazed as both experienced and novice shooters use new found Skills to break moving clay targets!
  • Fly Fishing – Learn everything you wanted to know about fly fishing while at the same time helping your group become better communicators.
  • Performance Driving – With adrenaline pumping and confidence levels boosted, these high-performance exercises will bring a team from 0-60 in record time! In addition to building stronger connections, your team will realize their potential in working together and always remember this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!